Lee-Bin Tee – Chair

Lee-Bin manages the competition’s operations, ensuring it stays within budget and meets the necessary standards.

E: leebin@trekpro.co.nz

Stephen Peterson – Treasurer

Stephen handles the collection of registration fees and payment of bills.

E: stephenpetersonnz@gmail.com

Leasa Ogilvie – Project Assistance

Leasa brings valuable experience in organizing and executing events like this with her experience in the Christchurch Commonwealth Veteran. She is instrumental in coordinating tasks and ensuring all necessary items are addressed. Don’t hesitate to seek her opinions as needed.

E: leasaogilvie@gmail.com

Baz Clark – Weapons Control

Baz and his team play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the competitions. They will focus on efficiently and promptly managing weapons control to ensure the process runs smoothly.

E: coachbazclark@gmail.com

Hamish Clarke – Venue Layout / Weapons Control Communications

Hamish is involved in various aspects of the event, including managing the pistes, podiums, and venue layout. This encompasses areas such as weapon controls, officials’ stations, bag drops, etc. Additionally, Hamish serves as the liaison between the competition organizers and the Weapon Control group. For any inquiries or issues regarding weapon controls, please contact Hamish as the primary point of contact.

E: h.clarkenz@gmail.com

Daniel Chan – Gear Fixing and Replacements

Daniel is assisting with collating equipment and tracking its locations. He will also ensure that equipment is shipped to us punctually. Additionally, he will be present on-site to assist with any gear repairs that may be needed.

E: sales@mlfencing.com

Nicole Martin – Floor Manager

This position is pivotal in guaranteeing the seamless execution of competitions. Responsibilities include ensuring fencers are positioned correctly to avoid any time wastage, overseeing ceremonies to ensure they run smoothly, and managing competition announcements effectively.

E: blue-mew@hotmail.com

Celine Lim and Fiona Burt – Volunteers Leads

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of events like this. Coordinating a large group of volunteers is no small feat. Celine and Fiona will be responsible for scheduling volunteering time slots and assigning tasks. Any requests for additional manpower on the day should be directed to Celine and Fiona for organisation.

E: Celine (celine_nz@yahoo.com )

E: Fiona ( lapka@xtra.co.nz )

Kirsten Hansen – Social Media

Kirsten is in charge of updating the Commonwealth Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages with fresh content. If you have any innovative ideas to promote the Championships, be sure to reach out to Kirsten for collaboration. She also has assistance from our young fencers such as Maia Smith, Nolan Peterson, and Laika Stafford.

E: kirstphansen@gmail.com

Funding / Grants Team

A dedicated team comprising Stephen, Dave Gouge, Nancy Zhang, and Lee-Bin who convene fortnightly to focus on identifying funding and grant opportunities. For any inquiries or suggestions regarding fundraising, please reach out to Lee-Bin initially.

Jane Parret is assisting with grant applications specifically with the Christchurch City Council. Feel free to let her know of other grants we could apply for.

E: service@fencing.org.nz

Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Ross Younger, Dave Gouge, and Dave Elder comprise the team responsible for exploring possibilities for broadcasting and live streaming. As this initiative is in its early stages and dependent on budget and availability, please direct any queries to Dave Elder.

E: president@fencing.org.nz

E: w.ross.younger@gmail.com

E: dgouge@gmail.com